Wichita Work Release introduces 2 new groups: Incarcerated Veteran's group and "3-Week" Parenting C

April 16th Wichita Work Release in partnership with the Salvation Army and Department of Veteran's Affairs began and "Offender" led process group for incarcerated Veteran's wishing to upgrade the discharge and seek benefits, to include Bonding, WOTC, Housing, and other issues that impact Veteran's as well as our client population. 

Note's from Rick Husselman, Mentor Coordinator where as follows:

  • We have set our inaugural meeting with the incarcerated vets for 600 pm Tuesday April 16. We will then meet every 3rd Tuesday night in the TC at 6 pm. After the initial meeting none of us necessarily have to be present at other meetings (although I’ll probably make them throughout the summer just to keep them on track.)

  • Tammy and Regina were present April 16th once Corey and/or I introduce the group and what we hope to get out of it.

  • Corey and I, along with Lundin, will determine who the vets are at WWRF and make sure they are notified.

  • Corey and I will advertise the meeting

  • We should meet and “de-brief” within a week of the first meeting and discuss it and make any corrections that need made.


Wichita Work Release Facility is pleased to announce the partnership with The Kansas Children’s Service League . 

Starting April 8, 2019, KCSL will begin a 3 week Parent Engagement Class. The Class will be held on Mondays in the WWRF Visiting Center. The time is TBD. The class shall be limited to 25 applicants. The class is designed for the applicant to be the best father/grandfather possi-ble. KCSL shall provide a light dinner and refreshments. Upon successfully completing all 3 weeks of the class, the applicant shall receive a Certificate of Completion from the Kansas Children Service League. Based on interest, future classes may be held and the program may expand. 

Eligible applicants must have: 

-At least one child/grand child between the age of 0-5 

-"Expecting" a child/grandchild in the next 6 months 


Week #1: Adverse Childhood Experiences 

Week #2: The Five Protective Factors 

Week #3: Early Childhood Development "The Successful start in Life" 

Offenders may apply for this course through a form 9 to their assigned counselor. Only 25 offenders shall be accepted, with priority being given to those eligible. 

Hiring Former Offenders Has Gone from Good Deed to Economic Necessity

Hiring Former Offenders Has Gone from Good Deed to Economic Necessity

The political and policy network aligned with the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch is launching a $4 million pilot project to help former prisoners successfully reenter society.

The so-called Safe Streets & Second Chances project will be among the topics the Kochs and several hundred like-minded donors will explore this weekend when they gather near Palm Springs, Calif., for the network's annual winter meeting.

Source: USA Today, Koch brothers to launch pilot project to tackle prisoner reentry (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2018/01/24/koch-brothers-launch-pilot-project-tackle-prisoner-reentry/1059791001/)

Kansas businesses provide hope by hiring inmates

The Kansas Department of Corrections is turning to local businesses to help reduce the number of inmates who return to prison. 

"Kansas has been a leader in the nation on recidivism programs to push down recidivism rates for people that go into prison," said Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. 

According to the KDOC 2016 Annual Report, the Kansas recidivism rate is 35.94-percent. This means that more than one in three Kansas inmates are arrested for a new crime within three years of their release from prison.

Now, more than two dozen private companies in Kansas are trying to make a difference by employing an average of 840 inmates each year.