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Kansas WORKReady! Companies The following Kansas companies recognize, prefer or require WORKReady! Certificates as part of their hiring process. These companies know the benefits of the program and use it to help them hire the right people to the right jobs. To add your company to the list, click the Become a Kansas WORKReady! Champion link below and fill out the form. Only company representatives or community officials acting on behalf of an employer can add organizations to the list. Please fax to (785) 296-1404 or email workforcesvcs@kansasworks.com

Kansas businesses provide hope by hiring inmates

The Kansas Department of Corrections is turning to local businesses to help reduce the number of inmates who return to prison. 

"Kansas has been a leader in the nation on recidivism programs to push down recidivism rates for people that go into prison," said Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. 

According to the KDOC 2016 Annual Report, the Kansas recidivism rate is 35.94-percent. This means that more than one in three Kansas inmates are arrested for a new crime within three years of their release from prison.

Now, more than two dozen private companies in Kansas are trying to make a difference by employing an average of 840 inmates each year.

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Kansas "WorkREADY!" Certification

The WORKReady! Certificate is a nationally recognized certificate that lets EMPLOYERS know a job candidate's skills before they even walk into the interview. JOB SEEKERS present their Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Certificate to EMPLOYERS as proof of skills in reading, locating information, and mathematics. As a JOB SEEKER, why would I want a Kansas WORKReady! Certificate? Click on the link to find out more.....

Prison Mentoring in White House Meeting

Gov. Sam Brownback urged President Donald Trump’s administration Thursday to adopt a prison mentoring program like the one he has championed in Kansas.

Brownback met with Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other state officials and experts in Washington, D.C., to discuss prison reform and his Mentoring4Success program, which launched in 2011.

According to a White House news release, Brownback thanked Trump’s administration for taking up the issue of prison reform.

“It’s one that needs discussion and it needs focus,” Brownback said. “And I just — I deeply appreciate you doing it.”