WWRF-No Community movement until further notice

On 03/13/2020, Governor Kelly made a disaster declaration for the State of Kansas and began to advise Secretarial Staff on precautionary measures that there individual departments would need to make. Beyond hand washing, sanitizing and limiting activities; the possibility of locking down all facilities across Kansas was discussed and contingency plans concerning such things as visits, volunteers, and unessential activities were implemented. As of today we received a mandatory directive to lock down and effectively Quarantine our facility for all WWRF program participants to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 to our facilities. As of this time this includes all community based appointments, programs, and community employment! As of this morning we have received reports of several business’s that we are partnering with also closing or modifying their practices in response to the Covid-19

I want to assure our partners that as of this time there have been no reported cases of Covid-19 among staff, volunteers, or inmates at our facility and the suspended movement is one of many precautions that the KDHE has advised our various departments to implement. As an Employment Specialist, that has worked very closely with many of you for the last 18 years, I understand the impact this may have in your production outcomes, filing a variety of shifts, and handling the essential duties necessary to keep your businesses running and thriving in our local economies. The safety and health of our population, however, is our primary concerning and I am hopeful this will be a short term, but necessary evil through this pandemic. Thank you all for your understanding. I will reach out to this group with regular updates and keep everyone informed. For those of you that are not fans of group email-please reach out, my contact information is below and I will call you or email you individually. Thank you again and stay healthy!

Corey Brock
Program Consultant/OWDS