Transition Center 2017-2018 Overview

2017 - 2018 has been a great time for the Transition Center. Since launching our website in June 2017, we have worked with over 450 new participants to help them secure employment. Our facility is currently working with 157 different employers across 11 different industries. We ended 2017 with an average starting wage of just under $10 per hour and a lead time of 12 days. Over 3000 sessions were logged to the website, which includes over 1200 visitors, 1160 of whom were unique visitors. 

We want to thank each of you for deciding to give our population a second chance at a better life by providing them with gainful, meaningful employment. We look forward to continuing to work with your business in the year ahead to make your company and our community a better place. Please don't forget to check back with us as we are always adding new candidates to our program, many of whom have the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to fill open positions.


The Transition Center Staff

Wichita Work Release

Now Is a Good Time to Get hired

Now Is a Good Time to Get hired

A drop in unemployment and a rise in job openings has created one job opening for every unemployed person this Spring.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there is nearly one job opening for every unemployed person in the country. In other words, there is a job for everybody and everybody for a job. And Spring is the perfect time to be looking for employment.

Hiring Former Offenders Has Gone from Good Deed to Economic Necessity

Hiring Former Offenders Has Gone from Good Deed to Economic Necessity

The political and policy network aligned with the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch is launching a $4 million pilot project to help former prisoners successfully reenter society.

The so-called Safe Streets & Second Chances project will be among the topics the Kochs and several hundred like-minded donors will explore this weekend when they gather near Palm Springs, Calif., for the network's annual winter meeting.

Source: USA Today, Koch brothers to launch pilot project to tackle prisoner reentry (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2018/01/24/koch-brothers-launch-pilot-project-tackle-prisoner-reentry/1059791001/)

Tight Job Market Making It Hard for Employers

According to The Wall Street Journal, 2017 was a great year for the job market. Overall, 2.1 million jobs were added to the market bringing the unemployment rate down to 4.1%. This is good news for job seekers because hiring has continued to rise. 

However, if you're an employer, this may mean you are having a hard time finding qualified workers. Does this sound like a problem your business has been facing? Read more about how Wichita Work Release can help alleviate your staffing problems.

New state website connects job seekers with companies offering apprenticeships

The Kansas Department of Commerce, in partnership with KANSASWORKS, has launched a new website aimed at connecting job seekers with Kansas companies offering on-the-job training through the state’s Registered Apprenticeship program. KSapprenticeship.org offers easy-to-follow navigation for both job seekers and businesses, enabling both to better leverage the resources available to connect employers with potential apprentices.