About Us

Wichita Work Release Facility is a minimum custody State work release facility, Kansas Department of Corrections facility which manages convicted felons who have been screened for participation in a community based, residential work release program.

All of our Participants are considered incarcerated under extended limits of custody.

Our Philosopy

Work Release strives to provide inmates with an opportunity to gain and maintain full-time employment; save money to be used upon parole release; pay dependent support, if applicable; pay any restitution and court costs owed; and, in general, learn to manage their money and lives under the supervision of employers and facility staff.

Employers who hire work release participants are, by statute, acting as agents (inmate supervisors) of the Secretary of Corrections [KSA 75-5210(h)]. Therefore, we feel it is important for you to understand the basic work release philosophy and facility rules so that you may better assist the inmate in his/her community re-integration process.

WWRF provides a variety of Resources and Programs to address Recidivism based on the needs of the client for prosocial outcomes in the community. The Transition Center functions as a resource room that assists the offender in addressing Employment and Career planning for the clients successful release. The Transition Center Resource are focused towards Employment, Career, Finances, Community Resources, and Veteran’s needs. “ “One on one work is also done with the Client for positive, sustainable, and fulfilling employment outcomes that contribute to the local economy as consumers rather than cons...

Corey Brock, OWDS/OERS
Average Wage

We ended 2017 with an average wage of $12.48.

Start Time

Our average start time is down to 13 days, from a high of 90 over 5 years ago.


All of our clients come prepared with an up-to-date professional resume.


We are proud of our 99% placement rate, which keeps our unemployed rate around 5% on average.


Each visit to our office results in roughly 4 completed job applications.


Our computers are online and have access to email, Google, and more.


Our office provides assistance with education, housing, and employment resources to 250 clients each month.

Open hours

Each participant has at least 20 hours of access to our office per week.

WWRF provides “Evidence-Based” practices in the form of programs that address criminogenic needs designed to continue upon Post Release. We offer programming Monday thru Friday with Mentor based services on the weekends. Occasionally, groups are led by Mentors whenever possible.

Corey Brock, OWDS/OERS

Classes & Programs

WWRF offers one-on-one and group programming through strong community relationships & with the Southern Parole Region Office.


Our facility offers 6 separate aftercare and self-help groups that meet Monday thru Friday.


We practice Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI) based Substance Abuse Treatment alongside Employment Services.

Long-term planning

We are future-focused, offering groups and “self-paced” programming to assist in the offender’s release and programming needs.